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Jerry.IsDead is a complex algorithmic-based game where you will die a lot to complete the game

Jerry is a prodigious robot, promised to great future! He got inside him a powerful IA capable to solve any problem. that’s why a group of twelves engineer try to improve his knowledge by testing his capacity of problème solving with several deadly testing rooms

In Jerry.IsDead, you play as jerry’s IA and you must integrate inside his program a command suite to try to solve engineer test without dying.

you can add command by drag and drop it from your inventory to the command panel, watch out, in your inventory, there are two types of command :

  • the action command, represented by a symbol, these commands indicate than Jerry must shoot, reload, jump or move in the following direction indicate by a movement command
  • the movement command: represented by an arrow, these commands indicate in which direction jerry must use the action. exception if you indicate to jerry to move forward ( by using the command action: move and the command direction forward) jerry will jump over the following tiles

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Jerryv1.0.zip 68 MB

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